Connecting your teams with Peers, Customers, and Partners anywhere on any device is a challenge. Cloud solutions make collaboration and engagement with dispersed teams more efficient. The standardized nature of the Cloud allows for easier access, communication and integrated workflows on highly secure platforms. Selecting the right solutions can empower employees and your entire ecosystem to operate more effectively and efficiently while freeing your scarce IT and security resources to focus on more strategic issues. We provide all aspects of communications, office tools, and CRM solutions as well as fully integrated, single provider SMB office packages.


Demands on Education are increasing even as funding is becoming more difficult. Balancing the needs of the educators, administration, government oversight and, yes, the students, has never been more challenging. Providing solutions that enhance teacher-student understanding and collaboration, while minimizing administrative and compliance workloads can have profound effects on institutions. We can help you employ the most modern video-centric, collaborative communications and simple to use APPs and tools that provide educators with a 360 view of every student’s participation and progress, all with eRate and other non-capital intensive programs, to help meet budget constraints.


Banks, Insurance, Financial Services, and Professional Services firms are challenged with balancing costs, regulations, security and improved customer experience. The Cloud offers the most advanced and future proof solutions that address your business, compliance and customer relationship requirements. Choosing the right solutions can be a game-changer for your organization. Our Partner portfolio has world-class solutions that are customized for your needs.

Legal. Accounting. Professional

Your business is often highly transactional and dependent on providing that ‘Personal Touch’. Whether with long term clients or one-off engagements, the way you communicate with and support clients can make a big difference in your efficiency and successful outcomes. Methods of communication are changing rapidly and the Cloud offers flexibility and consistency that can quickly adopt competitive enhancements and innovative solutions. We can help you evaluate Cloud solutions and create a migration plan should you want to extend the life of your existing platforms and still benefit from Cloud solutions.

Health Care

Innovative Cloud solutions are transforming Health Care organizations at a rapid pace. These solutions drive better outcomes by empowering organizations to better serve patients, residents, members, customers and insurance providers. The Cloud is facilitating higher levels of patient participation and responsibility in their health while ensuring the highest standards in compliance, security, and medical professional oversight. We can help you explore and adopt these solutions to ensure your services take full advantage of technology.

Transportation & Construction

The challenges faced in this sector are significant. Vehicle and fuel management, logistics, project management, scalability, cost management, and mobile workforce are but a few. Truly mobile-ready solutions that meet efficiency and safety requirements can have major impacts on employee satisfaction and profitability. We can help even the smallest HVAC or Landscaper adopt cost-efficient solutions. We are an effective partner for larger firms that want to stay aware of new or improved solutions that can keep them one step ahead of the competition.

Mobile Workforce

Companies with people and things on the move face unique challenges. Mobile communications spend is typically one of the largest budget items and has the most impact on workforce and asset productivity. We work with you to evaluate the best mobile solutions, asset tracking, and remote work location support alternatives. The Cloud brings 24/7 functionally and support, which is crucial to a dispersed workforce.


Global expansion has been a key to growth for decades. If your company has international offices or has international clients, suppliers, and partners, we have solutions that enhance your points of presence, customer management and support. Whether it is an expensive MPLS network that is coming off contract or establishing a new office location, we work with many of the best in country and global service providers and can help you find the best solution.

Let Us Customize Technology Solutions to Meet Your Needs